Google's artificial intelligence chief Li Fei-Fei will now be return to her professorship at Stanford as announced in a blog post by Google Cloud's CEO Diane Greene.

Google's artificial intelligence chief depart will be replaced by Carnegie Mellon University's dean of computer science and former Google staffer, Andrew Moore.

Li Fei-Fei will return to her professorship at Stanford, but will continue to advise Google on AI and machine learning.
Greene said Li's departure was always planned, and added that Li will continue to serve as Google Cloud's adviser for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

During her time with the search behemoth, Li "built a tremendous team and innovated and did a remarkable job of accelerating the adoption of AI and ML by developers and Google Cloud customers," Greene wrote in the post. She was also part of Google's move to open an AI lab in Beijing, China.

Li's journey with Google hadn't always been smooth sailing, though. Controversy with Project Maven involved the AI team coming under fire for working with the Pentagon on AI and image recognition tech that could be used for drone strikes.


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