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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

FIGHTBACK, sends SOS alerts from your phone

  • Tuesday, 25 December 2012
  • Harmeet Saini
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  • FightBack, the women's safety application, sends SOS alerts from your phone. FightBack uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email and your Facebook account to inform your loved ones in case you are in danger. Join us and help make our streets safer for women. 

     FightBack is available for select Android, Blackberry and Nokia smartphones. Users can go to, login with their Facebook ID and follow on-screen instructions to download the app for their handset.

    FightBack is an India specific application available for all types of mobile phones. FightBack uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS, email and your Facebook account to inform your loved ones in case you are in danger. You can add up to five emergency contacts to the list. When the 'Panic' button is pressed from the mobile application, the portal alerts page gets updated with the live alert data and shows the location of the alert on the Google Map.

    This will be visible to all the users of the web portal. The portal also sends out SMS messages to the mobile numbers pre-set by the user. When this hyperlink is clicked, it will show the location of the app user on Google Maps. The web portal also updates the user's Facebook status with the SOS message. This SOS message will be visible to all the friends who are connected to the user via Facebook.

    When the Facebook message is clicked, it will take the Facebook friend to the web portal Alert Page, and will show the location of the mobile user when the SOS was raised, along with a time stamp. The mobile application user can avoid Facebook updates by changing the setting from the My Profile Page.

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