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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Redhat Microdeal will Begin New Era with use of ARM in Data Centers

  • Tuesday, 30 October 2012
  • deepak kumra
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  • Redhat is Again Going to make a revolutionary change in the World of DATA CENTERS.
    Almost 80% of the Data Centers uses RHEL, RHEV and other Redhat Products . Now Redhat and Dell Are going for ARM Based Data Centers. Dell is going to Produce Server based on ARM Architecture and Redhat will Provide Efficient OS for Usage .  All I.T. Companies like H.P, Penguin, Marvell, IBM will also be involved in this Revolution.
      Use of ARM is still under suspicion as till today it is used only in Embedded devices which includes Current Mobile Phone (Mostly Android Based) and a large part of Medical Equipments.
      Main Benefit of using ARM will be reduction is Cost (Hardware + Power)  and new Data Centers will be more Environment Friendly.

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